Neko Daily Hygiene Soap 24 hours Germ Protection (100g)


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NEKO Daily Hygiene Soap reduces body odour, keeps your skin clean and healthy, and protects from germs. It is also extremely effective for minor skin infections like pimples, rashes, boils, etc. NEKO Daily Hygiene Soap contains TCC (Triclocarbon) and glycerine. Triclocarbon works against bacteria keep you safe from skin infections and glycerin helps you keep your skin soft and supple. This makes it an ideal soap for everyday use and maintaining your body hygiene

From the manufacturer

Neko soap

When do you need Neko soap?

Body Odour

Skin Rashes


Body Odour

Not feeling active because of body odour caused by sweating? Neko soap helps in reducing germ-causing body odour to give you protection all day.

*DisclaimerBathing twice a day with Trichlorocarban being an antimicrobial agent’

Prevention of Recurrent MRSA Skin Infections by Cancer Network, Home of the journal oncology

Skin Rashes

Humidity, heat and sweating can cause growth of germs on skin that may lead to skin rashes. Maintaing daily hygiene with Neko soap will help you prevent frequent rashes.


Your exposure to dust and pollution leads to growth of germs on skin. Neko kills germs and prevent pimples by maintaining skin hygiene.

How does Neko soap work?

Kills Germs

Gentle on Skin


Kills Germs

Neko contains antigerm agent -Triclocarban (TCC) that kills germs that causes skin problems like body odour, rashes and pimples.

Makes Your Skin Soft and Supple

Neko soap contains Glycerin that helps in moisturizing the skin and makes it soft and supple.

Helps Maintain Daily Hygiene

Bathing everyday with Neko soap keeps you active by maintaining daily hygiene.

What makes Neko soap Different?

24 hrs


Stay Active

24 Hours Germ Protection*

Neko Soap has the ability to fight germs as it creates a special, all-day long protective layer on the skin.

Grade 1 Soap with Glycerin

Neko soap gives a good lather and a better bathing experience. Also, Glycerin in Neko soap helps in moisturizing the skin, making it soft and supple.

Helps You Remain Active

Exposure to dust, pollution and sweating may make you sluggish. Bathing everyday with Neko soap keeps you active by maintaining daily hygiene.

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Item Form Bar
Use for Whole Body
Brand Neko
Special Ingredients Glycerin
Skin Type Acne Prone
Age Range (Description) Adult
Ingredients Hygiene Soap

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