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Britannia 50-50 Maska Chaska Biscuits (120g)

About this item

  • A break to your regulars! these salted biscuits with its crunchy texture give a sure delight to your taste
  • Made with a twist, herbs peppered all over these butter dipped biscuits to spice-up the flavour
  • Enjoy these crunchy delights with a cup of tea or any time of the day when you’re in mood of something different
  • Britannia 50-50 is a range made for people who love to add some wacky moments in their everyday life.
  • Trust of Britannia and pure ingredients have made these biscuits a taste that can’t be ignored.


Product description

Britannia Industries Limited is India’s most trusted food brand with a diverse range of portfolio of products in cakes, biscuits, bread and dairy categories.

From the manufacturer

50-50 maska chaska biscuit
time pass

A Maska Chaska Twist!

Give your day a delicious twist with the Britannia 50-50 Maska Chaska Biscuits. Light, buttery, crispy and tasty – it is peppered with the choicest of ingredients, we are sure you wouldn’t have tasted anything this delicious!

Time-Pass Made Tastier!

Golden brown in colour and light on your palate, Britannia 50-50 Time Pass Biscuits are the one that every snacking lover is seeking for. Light, crispy texture with the classic salty flavour and that melt-in-mouth experience that you won’t be able to resist. We won’t blame you if you polish off a whole pack in one go!


5050 salty biscuits

britannia biscuits

Choicest of Ingredients

Britannia 50-50 biscuits are made with selected and unique flavours that leave an unforgettable and delicious after-taste.

Anywhere, Anytime Snack

The light and crispy texture of Britannia 50-50 makes them perfect for snacking. So, when in the mood for munching, grab a Britannia 50-50 pack.

Trust of Britannia

Britannia is home to some of India’s favourite brands like Good Day, Marie Gold, NutriChoice, Milk Bikis, Bourbon, Britannia Cakes and Britannia Cheese.


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